Completely Transform Your Bathroom, If You Can Envision It, We Can Create It

At Interior 2000, we strive to provide excellent bathroom remodeling services to Richmond homeowners, helping to bring your dream bathroom to life. Our experts have premium bathroom hardware and tools to customize your bathroom remodel exactly how you want it. We have been providing expert home remodeling to the Richmond area for over 20 years, and will ensure you love your new bathroom escape. We specialize in implementing premium bathroom hardware, custom glass shower enclosures, mirrors, glass and more.

Richmond Premium Bathroom Hardware

The experts at Interior 2000 only carry premium quality bathroom hardware, so you can ensure that your bathroom not only works great, but looks great. Our towel racks, cabinet handles, shower handles, curtain rods, door handles and more are the highest quality in the Richmond area. Our decorative and bathroom hardware accessories will add the perfect finishing touches to your home remodel and bathroom remodel. We have a plethora of different colors, finishes and materials, so you can create the exact bathroom you’ve dreamed of. If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling contractors to install bathroom hardware and accessories, contact Interior 2000 today!

Glass Shower Enclosures

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in home remodeling and bathroom remodeling is making the upgrade from bathtubs to fully custom glass shower enclosures. At Interior 2000, we view home remodeling as an art, and use exquisite craftsmanship paired with contemporary design trends to help you create your perfect glass shower enclosure. No matter the size, shape, depth or style, Interior 2000 can get it done.  If you’re interested in bathroom remodeling and installation of a custom glass shower enclosure, contact Interior 200 today!

Mirrors and Glass

No one wants foggy shower glass, or distorted and smeared mirrors. At Interior 2000, you can trust that our mirror and glass are the strongest and clearest in the Richmond area. WIth over 20 years of expertise, our professionals will cut and install custom mirrors and glass to create the bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted. Mirrors and glass are not just great for decoration and style, but can visually expand the size of a room. If you’re planning on installing custom mirrors and glass for your bathroom remodeling project, contact Interior 200 today!

If you’re interested in home remodeling or bathroom remodeling, take a look at our portfolio, and contact us today!