Richmond Fireplace Inserts

Interior 2000 supplies, installs and services a wide variety of indoor and outdoor fireplace types throughout Richmond, VA and the surrounding area. Fireplaces can create the perfect gathering place for families and friends. Whether you prefer entertaining guests or unwinding fireside with a good book, a custom fireplace insert will add comfort and value to your home.

What Kind of Fireplace is Best For Me?

We can install a diversity of fireplace inserts in Richmond homes, with options including:

  • Ventless gas fireplace
    • Ventless fireplaces can be installed anywhere and even put into the wall like a display. All of the heat stays in the room so they are extremely heat efficient as well. Vent free units are designed to be extremely clean-burning to keep the air quality in your home good even while running the chimneyless fireplace.
  • Direct vent fireplace
    • The classic fireplace. A direct vent fireplace is one of the most tried and true types of fireplaces. They are extremely safe from an air quality perspective and efficient heating wise. These fireplaces carry fumes away from your living area through a pipe leading to the outside and keep fresh air circulating throughout your system.
  • Wood burning fireplace insert
    • Wood fireplace inserts are put directly into where an old wood fireplace existed. If you need to open your wood fireplace or upgrade for functionality, this could be a great, cost-efficient option for you. These inserts are designed to look great but also work better than your previous wood fireplace ever had.
  • Outdoor fireplace
    • Obviously, an outdoor fireplace is outdoor, but what can it do for you? An outdoor fireplace can significantly change and transform your outdoor living area into the hottest hangout spot not only in your house, but in your neighborhood. These outdoor amenities are a great way to individualize your backyard and create opportunity for unique activities at your home.

Get The Most Out of Your Living Area With Professional Fireplace Installation

These fireplace options can all be great in the right place and time. Fireplaces are a great way to liven up a living area or provide heat to your home. This can save you money and keep you fretting less about your energy bill. Your fireplace can also introduce new activities into the home and create interest from the whole family. Outdoor fireplaces are extremely good at this and show the potential a fireplace has in transforming the area around it.

Update your hearth with a gas fireplace insert in Richmond, VA

Get instant warmth from your fireplace with just the flip of a switch! At Interior 2000, our gas fireplace inserts are one of the most popular hearth remodeling choices amongst Richmond homeowners. Gas fireplaces come in a wide selection of styles, from naturalistic logs to chic grates, gas fireplace inserts offer unparalleled variety in design. Moreover, gas fireplace inserts are cleaner and safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces with no flying sparks and no ash! To top it all off, gas fireplace inserts are extremely energy-efficient and can shave up to 25% off your energy bills. We sell, install, and repair gas logsets both vented and non-vented, and carry the leading brands including Lennox, FMI, Majestic, and R.H. Peterson.

Install a stunning outdoor fireplace in Richmond, VA

There’s no better way to make the most of your exterior living spaces than with a custom outdoor gas fireplace from Interior 2000. Outdoor fireplaces add both visual interest as well as practical function to patios and pool decks, and allow families to enjoy their backyard for more of the year. Perfect for entertaining guests and roasting marshmallows, outdoor fireplaces add the perfect ambiance to any evening. We design and install unique outdoor fireplaces in Richmond, with options available in a variety of styles and materials including stucco, brick, stone or concrete. We also ensure safe, professional installment of all outdoor gas fireplaces.

Looking at fireplace inserts or an outdoor fireplace for your Richmond home? Contact Interior 2000 today!