Richmond Shower Enclosures

Our home remodeling and design experts stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends in décor, and one of the most cutting-edge remodels for bathrooms is the elimination of the bathtub in favor of a custom shower enclosure. When you partner with Interior 2000 for your shower enclosure design, you can customize every aspect of your Richmond shower enclosure, from the shape and the surround material to the door and the showerhead. Our custom glass services allow you to choose from any style of framed or frameless glass shower door, and our home remodelers can give you the spacious shower of your dreams.

What Kind Of Shower Enclosures Are There?

There are many different kinds of glass shower enclosures to suit your needs and provide the look you want for your bathroom. These range from types of frame to types of glass and something will be there to suit your needs.

  • Opaque Shower Glass
    • These types of glass shower enclosures are not see-through and provide an extremely unique look. Not being able to see into your shower offers the privacy and isolated experience many people look for in the shower. These are also extremely good for making a large bathroom feel just a little bit cozier and together as the room will seem smaller. They also can work extremely well in multiperson households in case someone has the opportunity to accidentally walk in on a shower. These doors are extremely unique and fit a variety of purposes.
  • Tinted Glass Showers
    • Tinted glass shower enclosures are some of the most unique options we offer here at Interior 2000. There are many options when choosing a tinted glass shower and you can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom by choosing one tint over the other. Think about the natural green tint of regular glass and the feel that provides by itself. You many not immediately think it, but it can drastically change the look of the room if you had a blue tint instead. Tinted glass shower enclosures are also extremely good for privacy as you can get a different tint level on your shower.
  • Clear Glass Shower Doors
    • These types of glass shower enclosures are classic and are extremely popular all around the world. Having a decorative shower with custom tiles will work extremely well with a clear glass shower enclosure to show it off to the entire bathroom. These shower doors also work very well in transporting light around the bathroom, so any bathroom with a high window will distribute the light well with a clear glass shower, giving you extra light to work with in the shower.

Get Professional Shower Installation To Change Your Home’s Bathroom

We measure, fabricate and install an array of shower enclosures and shower doors, from the most basic framed unit all the way to the heavy frameless glass. Glass shower enclosures add spa-like luxury to any bathroom, and mixing glass with stone, tile, or steel can create a contemporary, unique atmosphere. Our glass shower enclosures are cut and installed to the most exacting standards of reliability, and we take pride in the craftsmanship of each and every shower door we install. Whether your dream bath includes hinged or sliding doors, our glass shower doors are made to look beautiful and to endure over time.

Live Luxuriously With a New Shower Enclosure

Transform your Richmond shower enclosure into a relaxing oasis where you can begin or end your day in comfort and luxury. Your shower is one of the most personal, frequently-used spaces in your home, so why should your shower enclosure look like everyone else’s? Skip the cookie-cutter designs and count on the quality that homeowners throughout Richmond trust at Interior 2000. Learn more about our custom glass shower enclosures and other remodeling options by browsing our online portfolio or visiting our Powhatan showroom!

Ready to take your Richmond shower enclosure from ordinary to extraordinary? Contact Interior 2000 today to schedule a free in-home consultation!