Types of Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures can be a great way to drastically change the aesthetics of your bathroom from the standard bar and curtain that most homes have. They can give a pristine and refined look to your bathroom and are very versatile with many options available. These shower enclosure choices also affect not only the looks of the shower, but the functionality as well and your personal choice can have a lot of impact on the type of shower that you end up with.

Standard Clear Shower Doors

The standard option for a glass shower enclosure is the clear glass shower door. Most of these doors have the slightest green tint, but many cannot tell the difference between it and actually full clear glass. This simple option can pair well with nice stone or tile bathroom walls and floors, and will always be a solid choice with any chosen bathroom decorations.

Opaque Glass Shower Enclosures

Many bathroom remodels include opaque glass for the shower enclosure in order to make a large bathroom feel cozy and together. The opaque glass makes it so you cannot see into the shower in the bathroom, making the glass door feel like more of a solid wall rather than a closed-off part of the bathroom.

Tinted Glass Shower Enclosures

The last two options have been on either end of the spectrum of shower enclosures but the last mentioned option, tinted glass is the true middle ground between the two. You still get the closure of the shower from the rest of the bathroom, but it is still slightly transparent so you can still see in and out. This option can also match any type of bathroom as you can tint the glass with many different color options to match the rest of your bathroom and decorations.

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