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September 1, 2016
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October 21, 2021

With over 20 years of custom home remodeling and new home construction experience, Interior 2000 has seen a lot of trends come and go. We’ve seen trends we can’t wait to end. We’ve seen trends we love and use in almost every home we work with. One of the most popular trends we see in home remodeling and new home construction is Fireplace Inserts. Gas Fireplace Inserts are truly standing the test of time and are being made with more quality materials to make them safer and more energy efficient than ever. If you are looking to reface/resurface, create or add a fireplace to your home, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to walk through your options. We offer free in-home consultations and the best design and install service in Richmond! Take a look at what we are seeing in Fireplace Inserts trends. 

Top Fireplace Inserts Trends

  1. Direct Vent Gas Inserts

More efficient and safer. These direct vent Gas Fireplace Inserts bring

air in from outside your home instead of recirculating indoor stale air. These

Fireplace Inserts are sealed to ensure warm air stays inside and cold air stays


  1. More realistic gas flames that mimic a true log fire
  2. Energy Efficient Heat Settings and Options

Gas Fireplace Inserts with blue flames are going to be more efficient than 

traditional orange flames. You’ll want to look for an efficiency rating of 70-85%. 

  1. Remote Controlled Smart Flame & Gas Setting

Yes, you can turn your flame (heat and visually) up and down without ever 

leaving your favorite chair! 

  1. Customizable Heat Settings

There is a large variety of BTU options and choices for multi-stage turn down.

  1. More customizable appearance

You have the ability to customize your insert from type of logs, to stone and

crystals as well as the facade or surround of where your insert rests 

  1. Tiny Home? Tiny Inserts!

That’s right, no matter how big or small, we can find the perfect size for a 

bathroom or small bedroom to add ambience and comfort anywhere you want or

need it.  

  1. Blowers – to blow hot air or not, that is the question

Most Gas Fireplace Inserts do not come standard with blowers. You should

determine what your needs are for heating and for ambience. 

Our design team would be honored to walk through your home or floor plan with you to help pick the perfect Gas Fireplace Insert for your home. We hope you’ll give us a call and let us be a part of your beautiful Richmond home.

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