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October 21, 2021
Indoor Fireplace and Mantel

Survive the Winter with a Remodeled Fireplace!

While the holidays pass and homeowners enter the winter season, it is important to keep your home warm by getting your fireplace remodeled with Interior 2000! Whether you need an indoor fireplace insert, fireplace mantel, or an outdoor fireplace installed, our remodeling contractors have you covered! Interior 2000 has specialized in home remodeling since 1999 and would love to light up your home (no pun intended)!

Indoor fireplaces 

At Interior 2000, we pride ourselves in providing only the best gas fireplace inserts for your indoor living spaces. Contrary to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, our gas fireplace inserts are energy efficient and clean! This upcoming winter, if you are looking to warm up your home, you might as well save money on your energy bill too! Get in contact with one of our remodeling contractors today!   

Outdoor fireplaces 

Want to keep having gatherings outside despite the cold weather? Then you’ll need one of our gas outdoor fireplaces! Not only are they practical, but they can add visual appeal to your home. We specialize in installing unique and customized designs for your outdoor fireplace desires! Not only do our home remodeling services cater to your indoor needs, but they cater to your outdoor needs as well.  

Fireplace mantels and surrounds 

We prioritize making your fireplace a centerpiece for your living room decor through custom fireplace mantels and fireplace surrounds! Apart from the fireplace itself, it’s important to make sure that the surrounding structures are visually appealing to the eye! With the use of different styles including sleek, modern, and classical stonework, we will make your fireplace area look amazing!
Get in contact with Interior 2000 today to warm up your home this winter with a fireplace remodel! 

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